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Fall in love with Squash!

Not everyone knows Squash, a sport that was not very well-known but in recent years has become increasingly popular. This sport is similar to tennis but does not require a real opponent on the other side of the court: the ball bounces off a wall and you must be quick enough to hit it again…
In our Hotel those who love squash can play the game in a regular size court located inside the hotel and improve their reaction skills and speed ability and have fun in exciting matches.


Enter the court!

Squash is played indoors on a court of around 10 x 7 m. At the Garda Sporting Club Hotel we have a regular size court: here you can train alone, with your other half or with friends or challenge another player or couple who love squash to a match.
You can book the court at the reception and have fun!

Never tried? Your holiday at the Garda Sporting Club Hotel is the perfect occasion.
Those that want to keep fit, test their skills and try new sports are always welcome.

Squash, complete training

This sport is increasingly popular among adults as well as children given that it allows you to train the whole body… While having fun!
Squash requires a lot of physical effort because the time between one shot and another is very short: motion is perpetual and this allows you to train your strength and resistance as well as your ability to move quickly in a coordinated and fluid way.

During a game you burn calories and tone your whole body in particular the legs, abdominal muscles, buttocks but also pectoral and arm muscles.
Not just physical but mental: squash is an anti-stress sport where the high concentration does not allow for thoughts or any kind of distraction.  

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