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Fitness Club, your gym in Riva del Garda

In our Hotel in Riva del Garda you have the possibility to train just like in the gym! The indoor Fitness Club is equipped with modern Technogym equipment, perfect for individual and group training: it is the ideal place to regain psychophysical balance!

Much more than a gym! In Riva del Garda the Fitness Club also provides personalised training for all sports as well as the possibility to take part in activities and group courses. Access is reserved for members and guests of the Hotel.


A new idea of fitness in Riva del Garda

Visit us and learn all about the services of a  professional gym designed for expert sportspeople, a dynamic and pleasant environment for those that want to stay in shape.

We have arranged the space right down to the smallest detail, followed the needs of athletes and carefully selected a team of professionals who will help you to choose the type of training most suitable for your needs.

Group courses

In our Fitness Club you can choose the type of activity that best suits your needs and potential, from classic sports to the latest trends. We offer courses for different tastes and abilities in the gym and the pool.

Tone, sculpt, lose excess weight and work on your resistance.
Choose the fitness course at our gym in Riva del Garda that best suits your needs!

  • Gas: targeted toning for the legs, abdominals and shoulders to tone your muscles and improve posture
  • Total-body: general body toning for generalised well-being
  • Action step: basic step with simple and toning choreography, a quick way to train resistance and muscles
  • Fit ball-training: training with the so-called fit ball

Courses in the pool are well liked by our guests:  water supports the body avoiding overloading the joints, in addition it drains body fluids by quickly slimming legs and abdomen.

  • Water trekking: walking in the water to music to tone the legs and abdomen
  • Water bike: pedalling in the water to music, an intense workout with excellent results in a short time
  • Water aerobics: the most famous and popular gymnastics in the water which works on the whole body by using small items of equipment