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Climbing in Arco, Torbole and Valle dei Laghi

The cliffs for climbing in Arco and Torbole are certainly among the most famous in Trentino along with nearby Valle dei Laghi, an undisputed climbers paradise. Upper Garda can really excite everyone with the thousands of routes on limestone rock that range from a difficulty level of 3a up to 9b.

The micro-climate in these places also ensures that even in the winter the temperatures are mild and pleasant: this is why many tourists decide to spend a climbing holiday here during the winter time.

Climbing in Lake Garda: the most beautiful cliffs

Climbing in Lake Garda is a “must” for all those that love the mountains, rocks and new adventures.

Here are the main natural cliffs near the Garda Sporting Club Hotel:

  • Belvedere and Corno Bo a Nago, both with spectacular views over the lake with a total of more than 60 climbs from 3a to 7b+
  • Spiaggia delle Lucertole, overlooking the clear waters of Lake Garda: 19 climbs from 6a+ to 7c
  • Segrom, a vertical wall that rises from among the cool woods: 125 climbs from 8a
  • Family Massi delle Traole, the large boulders become small climbs to do with all the family: here there are 39 climbs from 3a to 5c, but there are more challenging routes for more expert climbers.

Excel yourself, climb up increasingly technical routes and challenge the rocks while admiring the breath-taking views over the lake and mountains. If you want to combine trekking  don’t forget that there are  numerous via ferratas in the area!


Arco and the Rock Master Festival

The nearby town of Arco with its castle perched on the top of a very high vertical wall of rock is a very popular destination for climbers given the numerous cliffs in the area.  Here are just a few we recommend… 

  • Policromuro, a cliff surrounded by the Mediterranean nature filled with holm oaks and olive trees. 97 climbs from 5a to 8a
  • Muro dell’Asino, 45 climbs from 2c to 7b with a section for children and a large park where you can have fun and relax
  • Placche di Baone, 11 climbing routes from 5a to 6a to have a go at more challenging routes
  • Family San Martino, especially for children on a supported plate. Difficulty from 3a to 6b, also in two sections     

Sport climbing in Arco is honoured by an international event: professionals and fans of this sport never miss the Rock Master Festival; here promising climbers from all over the world meet to challenge gravity on very high artificial walls in the town.

Valle dei Laghi, a climber’s paradise

La Valle dei Laghi is known all over the world by all climbing fans: here routes opened by great climbing masters provide thrills that are very difficult to pass  up… A climb can even last a whole day.
Here are some of the most famous locations…

  • Gola del Limarò with the Orizzonti Dolomitici route, perfect for newbies and Diedro Maestri ideal for experts looking for a challenge.
  • Placche Zebrate with its 46 degree parallel, a multi-pitch route excellent for progressing with your techniques
  • Monte Brento with the exciting via L'aspettativa dei mondi superiori climb
  • Monte Casale, the II° Pilastro is tackled with 16 spectacular pitches.
  • These climbing routes just a short drive from Riva del Garda will really thrill you!


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