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Sailing on Lake Garda

A day sailing on Lake Garda  is one of those experiences you can’t miss during your holiday with us! Choose whether you want to travel driven by the wind on a sporty adventure full of speed and adrenaline; alternatively you can sail on a racing boat under the guidance of an experienced skipper or take part in pleasant tours while enjoying the spectacular scenery of the of the lake coloured by sails stretched by the wind…

Sailing on Lake Garda, in all its forms, is always exciting!


One of the most classic views

Sailing has made postcards from Lake Garda famous: images of the blue water dotted with white sails are famous everywhere. The same goes for windsurfing and kitesurfing it is the favourable wind that attracts sailing enthusiasts from all over Italy and abroad: the Ora del Garda and Pelér blow regularly that push the boats that never run the risk of having to deal with excessively large waves.
This is why towns along the lake are dotted with sailing clubs, equipment rental points, sailing schools and specialised shops.


Sailing tours

If spending a day sailing on Lake Garda is your dream don’t miss the tours to discover the hidden corners of Trentino, Veneto and Lombardy. Ask us for more information and we will find the right experience to suit your needs, full of sport and adventure or peace and relaxation.

A sailing tour on the lake can be a romantic idea for a special occasion or a very special gift…

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