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Routes on Lake Garda: the best trekking paths

Among the many paths around Lake Garda we recommend the most exciting trekking routes: spectacular scenery with views over the Lake, walks immersed in the Mediterranean nature that is characteristic of the area around the lake, walks suitable for those who know the mountains that can satisfy every high altitude lover and via ferratas that are perfect for those who love adventure. Starting from the Garda Sporting Club Hotel you can choose the route that is most suitable for your experience, training and desires!

Walks for all the family

  • Lakeside in Riva del Garda: a walk suitable for everyone, even children in pushchairs. It runs along the lake to Forte di San Nicolò and then if you wish you can continue onto Torbole by following the cycle lane.
  • Ponale Walk: perfect also by bike with children the Ponale path has spectacular views over the lake. This wide dirt road was used for vehicles before construction of the iconic modern tunnels. Apart from the glittering spectacle of Lake Garda, for those like to walk you can reach the village of Pregasina in around 3 hours.
  • San Martino Archaeological Park: walk in the fresh woods and discover the ancient pre-Roman settlement. A hidden area waiting to be discovered!


Medium difficulty excursions

  • Busatte Tempesta Path: a thrilling excursion suitable for all, but not for those that are afraid of heights! The path starts from the park above Torbole and then with ladders and walkways suspended in mid-air reaches the village of Tempesta. The views from here are really breath-taking! Along the way you can learn all about the nature and geographical history of the Lake. Around 3 h, elevation gain around 320 m.
  • San Pietro Mountain Hut: a mountain hut that can be reached by everyone. From here you can admire the magnificence of Lake Garda from up high, have lunch, have a snack and sunbathe and children can play in the playground. 3 h, elevation gain around 600 m.
  • Monte Altissimo: one of the most popular destinations with local and foreign hikers. This super panoramic walk passes through high mountain pastures and the remains of trenches and tunnels from the Great War. From Prati di Nago to the top around 2 h 30 min, elevation gain 752 m.

Trekking for real sporty types

  • Monte Stivo: from deciduous forests to high mountain pastures filled with flowers of all kinds. A view from above that embraces Lake Garda as well as the high mountains towards the Lombardy border! Around 3 h up to the top for 800 m elevation gain.
  • Creste di Pregasina. A route for those that love wild nature and adventure, as long as they are fit and experts at high altitudes. The route with its spectacular views over the lake traces the Italian front from the First World War. 6 h, around 2,100 m elevation gain.

Via ferratas

  • Easy: via ferrata Colodri. An ideal route for those who are new to carabiners and harnesses. This easy route from Arco equipped with lanyards and brackets takes you to a beautiful panoramic spot overlooking the town. Around 2 h including return down a path.
  • Medium: via ferrata dell’Amicizia. To reach the start of this fantastic via ferrata you have to reach Bastione di Riva del Garda which can also be reached by a panoramic ladder. From here long ladders and brackets take you to the spectacular Cima Capi; the considerable exposure makes this route only suitable for expert climbers. Around 6 hours including the return.
  • Difficult: via ferrata Rino Pisetta. Very difficult, technical and exposed, but a real “must” for those who love climbing. The ferrata that starts from Sarche, in nearby Valle dei Laghi is always thrilling and exciting! Around 2 h just the via ferrata.

Choose from the most iconic routes in Lake Garda! Trekking, walks or via ferratas, if you have any doubts ask us: we can always give you the best advice!